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In a world that is increasingly complex and multi-faceted, the ideal personalized rug must be a mixture of suggestions, trends and diverse inspirations, that drive and layer each other. For these reasons, a Mohebban rug can adapt to the client’s needs and desires, and to the project inventiveness of architects and interior designers alike, driving the degree of uniqueness to the next, much higher level. Thanks to the wholly hand-crafted creation, each rug is totally different to all of the others; however, custom-made production pushes this process to the extreme: each rug is totally unique, absolutely “personal”, in terms of color, size, pattern, shape and materials used in the production – all chosen to satisfy the client’s demands. The in-house design team will ensure that every production phase corresponds exactly to the client’s brief and where necessary, it will suggest the best techniques or materials to achieve the desired effect.
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